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Teer Result website provide all Morning teer results when they announced by teer counters, board or their official websites. If you are playing regular teer games then you know that this game played at three session including Morning teer, afternoon or evening and last game played as a Night teer.


Juwai Morning Teer Result

The Juwai Morning teer game was played in the morning session daily. The results are promptly announced at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Many players from Juwai eagerly participate in this lottery game on a daily basis, hoping to win. To stay updated with the results of the Juwai morning teer from Monday to Sunday, consider bookmarking this page now. You’ll have access to live Juwai teer results on time. Checkout Juwai teer live results below:- 

Juwai Morning Teer Result
FR(First Round)10:30 AMSR(Second Round)11:30 AM

Shillong Morning Teer Result

The Shillong Morning teer game was played in the morning session in Shillong. The teer results are announced from Khasi Hill Archery Sports Association in two rounds, first at 10:30 AM and second round at 11:30 AM. Shillong morning teer game played daily except local holidays.  The Teer result was declared in 2 digit numbers. People who can live in Meghalaya only buy Shillong morning teer tickets. The online website like provides the latest Shillong Morning Teer results.

Shillong Morning Teer Result
FR(First Round)10:30 AMSR(Second Round)11:30 AM

Sunday Morning Teer Result

Sunday Morning teer is archery game played daily at morning in Shillong. The Sunday morning teer result announced every day at 10:20 AM for first round and 11:20 AM for second round respectively. Don’t confused that Sunday morning teer is not a Shillong morning teer similarly is that only that both are teer game and played in Shillong. Both morning teer timing are different. You can find here Meghalaya Teer Result of Sunday Morning, Teer Common Numbers and Sunday Morning Teer Previous Result. Check below the latest Sunday Morning Teer Result:-

Sunday Morning Teer Result
FR(First Round)10:20 AMSR(Second Round)11:20 AM

Bhutan Morning Teer Result

The Bhutan Morning Teer play in morning session in Thimphu city, Bhutan. The Bhutan Morning Teer Results are announced at 10:40 AM for first round and 11:30 AM for second rounds. People looking for latest Morning Teer Chart and common numbers. Here we provide the Bhutan Morning Teer Chart, Bhutan Morning Teer common number and the teer result of today’s Bhutan Morning Teer Results.

Bhutan Morning Teer Result
FR(First Round)10:40 AMSR(Second Round)11:30 AM

Morning Teer Common Number

Morning Teer common number are calculate based on Previous Teer Results. But we are not sure that the Common Number will be 100% work. But if You Play Our Common Number its Your Own Risk. We aim to guide you in winning the teer game daily and ensuring that you don’t lose your hard-earned money. That’s why we offer a daily teer target number, common number, and hit number.

Morning Teer Previous Results

Are you looking for old teer results for Juwai morning teer, Shillong morning teer, Bhutan morning teer then you’ve come to the right place! At the above you can check latest teer results online. And here we are provide the the previous teer results for both rounds (FR&SR). These previous results are helping to predict next day game number and trends. Also Morning teer previous results are really useful for finding new common numbers or set target numbers.

  • Juwai Morning teer previous results
  • Shillong Morning teer previous results
  • Sunday Morning teer previous results
  • Bhutan Morning teer previous results

FAQs – Morning Teer Results | Juwai Morning Teer, Shillong Morning, Sunday Morning Teer, Bhutan Morning Teer Results

What is Morning timing of Shillong Teer?

Shillong Morning Teer is played in the morning session usually between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM daily. For many people visiting the Teer counter to place their bets is a daily ritual. The morning teer results are announced later in the day, adding an element of anticipation.

Whats is Morning Teer chart common number?

Morning teer common number is a very important number for the teer players. Moreover, this is because the common number or chart tells the player which number they should play to increase their chances of winning. However, the common number means that number come at the previous results.

What is the meaning of Morning teer 2?

Morning teer playing at morning session and the Shillong Morning teer is people know for morning teer 2 because at same time the Sunday Morning teer playing in Shillong.