Bhutan TEER RESULT Today : FR & SR, Morning TEER, Night TEER

Bhutan TEER RESULT is a popular game. In this game, players try to guess how many arrows will hit the target. You can buy tickets from ticket counter on the ground. There are two rounds in single day one is First Round(FR) & Second Round (SR). Winners are selected based on who guesses the correct number of arrows. Those who guess correctly can win cash prizes. The Bhutan TEER game gives players the chance to win money every day.

Every day at 4:15 pm and 5:00 pm, Bhutan TEER RESULT announces for the first and second rounds. You can join the Bhutan TEER game from Monday to Sunday. The Bhutan Betting Tax Act sets the rules to consider Bhutan Teer common numbers as an acceptable betting game. You can check the Bhutan Juwai Result for the first and second rounds in the morning and night results at After playing Bhutan TEER, it’s crucial for players to know the results. While some games are prohibited, Bhutan Teer is legal, and many people have played it enthusiastically with positive outcomes.

Bhutan TEER RESULT -21 February 2024

Bhutan Teer Result TODAY
FR (First Round)04:15 PMSR (Second Round)05:00 PM

Bhutan Teer Previous Result (Last 5 )

DatesFR(First Round)SR(Second Round)

Bhutan Morning TEER RESULT

FR (First Round)10:40 AMSR (Second Round)11:30 AM

Bhutan Morning Teer Previous Result (Last 5 )


About ‘Bhutan TEER’

Bhutan Teer is a lottery game associated with archery, a sport in the country. Only residents of Bhutan are allowed to participate in this lottery game. Similar games include Khanapara Teer, Shillong Teer, Juwai teer, Thoh Tim and Siat Khnam. Bhutan Teer, unique archery sport game, provides regular updates on results, common numbers, targets, teer results, ending night, hit numbers, and other relevant information.

Bhutan TEER RESULT  Morning TEER, Night TEER , Previous TEER RESULT

Bhutan TEER – Key Points

Authorized byGovernment of Bhutan
Name of the GameBhutan Teer
LocationBhutan (Thimphu)
Type of GameLottery Based
Winning Prize AmountRs.10.00 lakh (1st Prize)
Mode of ResultOnline Mode
First Round Result Time4:15 PM
Second Round Result Time5:00 PM
Status of ResultAvailable

Bhutan Teer Common Number

It important to know that the Bhutan Teer common number and the Bhutan Teer target are the same. Additionally, the Satta Matka game is illegal in Bhutan and has been banned by the government. On the other hand, Bhutan Teer, a legal sport, has gained popularity. Many people try to win money by participating in the Bhutan Teer target game.

Bhutan TEER Target

The Bhutan Teer target is decided by the number of accurate arrows shot by the participants. Anyone interested in joining the Bhutan Teer Lottery Game can buy tickets from authorized counters or the Bhutan Teer Facebook page. The Bhutan Teer Result for 2024 can be checked on our website @ This game is played in Thimphu, and tickets are available for purchase from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Bhutan Teer Khela Result

Bhutan Teer is a lottery game that’s linked to archery as a sport. People from Bhutan can join in this lottery. It’s an original game related to archery, and there are similar games like Thoh Tim and Siat Khnam. This post will keep you updated on Bhutan Teer Khela result today, common number, target, teer result, ending night, hit number, and other related info.

FR & SR result in Bhutan Teer Result

The Bhutan Teer has two rounds every day. In the first round, 50 archers shoot up to 30 arrows at the target. The total number of arrows that hit the target in this round are called ‘First Round Result (FR)‘. In the second round, the same 50 archers shoot up to 20 arrows at the target. The total number of arrows that hit the target in this round are called ‘Second Round Result (SR).

To win Bhutan Teer result of the players have to guess the winning number of arrows that will hit the target in each round. If your guess matches the actual number of arrows for that round, you win a prize. The Bhutan Teer results of each round are announced within an hour after that round is completed. Knowing the first and second round results lets players see if their guesses were correct.

Bhutan Morning Teer Result

The Bhutan Morning Teer is a lottery game associated with archery in Bhutan. It is typically organized and overseen by the Archery Sports Association. The teer results for the morning rounds are declared at 10:40 AM & 11: 30 AM, and participants can check these results to see if their selected numbers have won.

Bhutan Night Teer Result

Bhutan Night Teer is a lottery game connected to Bhutan’s traditional archery. The game, usually organized by the Archery Sports Association, lets people pick numbers to win prizes based on archery events. This game played in Night session in Bhutan every night.

Bhutan Teer Previous Results

According to sources, the Bhutan Teer Result for the first and second rounds is announced by the Archery Sports Association. This game, associated with archery, is exclusively for citizens of Bhutan. It’s also known by other names like Thoh Tim and Siat Khnam. Bhutan Teer is a lottery game connected to the sport of archery. We’ll keep you updated on Bhutan Teer Result Today, target, common number, previous results, teer list, endings, nights, hit numbers, and other details.

Bhutan Thimphu Teer Result

Bhutan Thimpu Teer is a popular lottery game eagerly anticipated by people in Bhutan. Many individuals actively participate in this game, hoping to win and benefit from the prize money. We provide daily updates on Bhutan Thimpu Teer Results, offering relevant information about the lottery game for the day. Additionally, accurate results for Bhutan Night Teer are also available. Stay tuned for the latest updates and outcomes of these teer games.

Bhutan Teer Common Number

To start, it’s important to understand that the Bhutan Teer common number and the Bhutan Teer target refer to the same thing. Additionally, it’s crucial to note that the Satta Matka game has been prohibited in Bhutan and is banned by the government. Despite this, the Bhutan Teer sport has gained popularity, with many individuals trying to win money by participating in the Bhutan Teer Target.

For players of this game, we have provided the Bhutan Teer common number, hit number, draw list, and Bhutan Teer List.

How to Check Bhutan Teer Result TODAY

To check the Bhutan Teer results TODAY follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website at >> go menu and click to Bhutan Teer
  • Look for the Bhutan Result for Today – First and Second Round live results.
  • Click on the TEER RESULT Today
  • The results for the day will appear on your computer or mobile screen.
  • Also check ‘Bhutan Teer Previous Result’ lists.

Teer Results Today

Looking for teer results of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur or other country like Bhutan, Nepal and more. And you regular play teer games and need to check out your winning number then check below the all teer results with daily updates:

FAQs – Bhutan Teer Result Today

Is Bhutan Teer legal in India?

Bhutan Teer is a legal archery-based lottery game in Bhutan only and it was not played in India. It is regulated by the Bhutan Betting Tax Act. This makes it one of the few legal lottery games in India, along with a few other state-run lotteries. Most other lottery games are banned across India under the Public Gambling Act.

What time is Bhutan Teer result announced?

The first round result is announced around 4:15 PM and the second round result is announced around 5:00 PM.

How many rounds are there in Bhutan Teer?

There are two rounds of shooting per day. You need to guess both round results correctly to win Teer game.

Where can I check the Bhutan Teer results?

You can check the results at in the Bhutan Teer section. Results are updated in real-time.